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Masie Dee loves the Chav Van, We know because we found Masie hanging about the streets and gave her the chance of experiencing the feeling of getting fucked by Woody in the back of our van. We took Masie Dee to a carpark and fucked her silly just the way she likes it!

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Masie Dee and her cock cracking adventures are back and this time she plays with her wet pink hairy lettuce after showing and telling you what she can do with her perky breasts. I don’t know how Maisie does it but she got me tugging on my meat from start to finish and im supposed to be the one that is used to writing these blogs whilst watching beautiful women having lots of pleasure so I know you guys are going to love her as much as I do! Having a filthy mouth on her too she aims to get you hard the minute the camera is turned on as the words that come out of her mouth are so vile I just want to shut her up with my cock ramming between her teeth before I give her something to really moan about in her cunt, don’t you?

Anyway, when you decide to get yourself down to the Masie Dee site you will see her fuck lick and suck big cock and even finger her muff till she orgasms just like this scene when she has a spurt of horniness that she cant help but to show off, probably because she knows the camera is there to watch her every move as this blonde hottie is one horny bitch that loves the attention of the camera lens as well as having men trying it on with her all the while. Being so hot and filthy mouthed she knows exactly the right moves to use especially when she starts to lean in front of the camera to show off her tits whilst telling you how much she would love to see some hot spunk dripping off them and even talking about it gets her going! Seriously this girl really is a watch and im sure you’ll enjoy every minute just as much as I did and oh did I forget to mention the fist fucking bush!

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Masie Dee is back with her cock cracking adventures that sure get you worked up from start to finish especially when she starts to talk as dirty as she can get! With the camera man admiring her tits and pussy in this scene you cant go wrong with wanting to pull your tallywacker to something that’s going to get you randy as in this scene she decides to have a duvet day with nothing but hardcore pussy rubbing with orgasms after orgasms when lying back in the bed using her fingers and huge pink dildo! When she gets woken up by the perverted Willy Stroker she cant help herself but to give him what he wants which is a damn good show for you lot as well as himself in which she tells him she’s not getting out the bed all day due to being run off her feet the past week!

I think this video is one of Masie Dees bests due to the fact she looks so comfortable lying in the bed all sleepy before she starts to play with her muff don’t you think? And when she talks dirty to Willy telling him how she enjoys her duvet days due to the fact she can lie back, relax and have some pleasure at the same time she don’t half make you want to join her! Anyway, watch as she rubs her wet pink lettuce and tugs her long fluffy pubes before she slides down the duvet to slot her fingers deep within her warm wet pussy hole that has her groaning with delight before she takes out her meaty pink dildo to slide every inch into her crack that has her moaning even louder in pleasure. Seriously this video is a watch for all you who love the thrill of Masie Dee pleasuring herself as she just doesn’t give a fuck! Well one sort of fuck at least…

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Its Masie Dee diaries the place where the little hot blonde bombshell called Masie enjoys showing you her adventures she has doing many hardcore scenes. In this video I think she does really well with making anyone who watches hard and horny as my cock got cracking in minutes! Especially when her cheeky side came out when she started to finger her snatch, don’t you agree?  Well I sure do as she’s one hot bitch anyway and its even better when she doesn’t shave her pussy because come on, natural is always better! Im not really a fan of girls with all their pubes shaved off as lets be honest here it makes it look like a stuffed turkey doesn’t it? Even though I have had girls that have shaved their pubes off it doesn’t always feel as good as a girl with long natural pubes that rub against yours when your fucking her and not to mention when you shoot your load at her cunt to see it drip off her hairs!

Anyway, when you watch this video of Masie fisting that wet fluffy beaver you wont be disappointed when you can hear each finger slipping in and out of her moist hole that squelches as she inches them in one by one to see how many she can fit in, all after Masie gets out her tits to tell you how much she loves to see hot cum dripping off her perky red nipples! Then when she manages to get her fist into her wet pink box she beats her gaping pulsating pussy hole as her legs spread wider so she can aim for that orgasm she’s been looking for and goes with a load moan that has her legs shaking and her eyes rolling as the pleasure rushes through her sexy pale slim body!

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Sexy Masie Dee is back at flat 69 and giving Woody an amazing blowjob, Masie turned up at the flat in tiny blue hot pants, green knee lengh stockings, white heels and a tight white top, the sight of this horny slut had Woodys cock getting hard in no time. Masie whipped of her top and soon a tipless Masie was sitting in front of Woody and taking his meaty member from out of his jeans, Masie licked, wanked and deepthroated Woodys cock until he couldnt take no more and was soon shooting his load into Masies filthy mouth.

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Woody nobbit makes his first appearance for chavley court and gets to fuck the amazing Masie Dee, Woody wasnt expecting Masie to be wild and as soon as he saw this kinky fucker sitting in Willy and Justins flat his dick was hard and who can blame him. Teasing Masie began to rub his dick before taking him into the bedroom they stripped off and Masie took that massive tool of Woodys into her mouth and sucked him like a complete pro, she then soo got on his knob and rode him before Willy banged her in every way imaginable, this hardcore boy girl shoot finished with Masie sucking Woody off once again and taking his thick salty load in her mouth.

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What is it with these chav slappers? Give them a few glasses of wine and they are any bodies and Masie is no exception, After meeting Willy and Justin outside a Bilston off licence she jumps into the back of the van and heads back to chavley court and flat 69 where shes gonna strip and get naughty for them. Drunk Masie decides she doesnt want a sex toy to fuck and once she is naked apart from her stripy stockings she picks up a full bottle of cheap wine and fucks herself with it, the wine is so fizzy and she giggles and says ” I hope it dont pop as ill shoot around the room” Anyway that doesnt put this kinky slut off and shes soon squatting on the bottle and fucking it as though it was a real hard cock, What a fucking slut.

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With flat mate Tanya out the way Willy and Justin come to see if Masie wants to play and they were surprised when she said she was already horny and yes she would love to play. She invites them into the kitchen and this kinky slut takes of her panties hitches up her skirt and starts to rub her pussy, she then gets comfortable on the kitchen work surface and is soon shoving a massive toy inside herself,, This dirty fucking slut moans and groans and screams oh yeah this is fucking good, Masie then picks up speed and fucks herself even harder and is cumming in no time. She’s not the only one though Old pervs Willy and Justin soon leave their mark on the kitchen floor.

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They are back! Yes were on about our favourite duo Masie Dee and Tanya Cox, we loved their first two hardcore girl on girl sessions so i had to show this one. This time we get to see these hot babes in the kitchen making out. Willy and Justin were peeping through the letterbox when they caught these two making out in the kitchen they were ripping each others clothes off and pulling at each others panties, soon their tongues and fingers were exploring each others pussies and for the finalie out comes the toys and these hot babes give each other a right hard fucking.

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When she’s not got a pussy to lick or a cock to fuck our favourite nymph slut takes matters into her own hands and has a good old masturbating session and guess what Masie doesnt dissapoint in this next movie. Sexy Masie takes of her tiny chav shorts and panties and shows Willy and Justin her snatch and has a little play, she then demonstrates her blowjob skills on her toy much to their amazement and before we know it Masies sex toy is buried deep inside her snatch. Watch Masie fuck this toy like its a real cock and cum like a complete whore.

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Oh man those fucking slappers are at it again guys, If you loved Tanya and Masies first girl on girl session which took place in the bedroom then you are going to love this. After walking their dog round some park this horny duo head back to their best friends flat and beg them to film them once again. So soon their clothes are on a heap on the floor and Masie is sitting back on the chair with her legs wide a part and orders Tanya to bury her head in her snatch and lick her snatch out. Once Masie is satisfied she returns the favour and gives Tanya’s soaking wet pussy a good seeing too.